quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

Always missing You

I have to say that i miss you, but is more than that.
I did and still do a lot of things, just to try to get over you.
To get over us. Our past.
There was some people.
At first, you think that will be different;
That, finally, you'll get over your past;
But it was never different.
None of them made me feel special.
Made me feel what I felt with you.
I tried really hard, but I got tired to pretend.
Tired to fake feelings.
Actually, they were all different.
They were different from you.
And when I realized it,
I missed you even more.
I still do.
Missed us.
Missed me.
And it always makes me wonder if I'll
ever feel special again.

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