segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

Every Single Part Of Her

I miss every single part of her
Her body, her soul
I miss being lovesick
I miss even the stomachaches
I miss pretending that we’re just friends
I miss that fear of somebody find out about us
I miss what we had behind those eyes contacts
I miss her sense of humor
I miss our silence that used to say a lot of things
I miss that smell on her bed
I miss her jokes, her smile, her laugh
I miss her arms around my neck
I miss waiting for her mom to get out, so we could have the entire house for us
I miss laying on the couch with her
I miss watching movies, but not paying attention on it, because of her presence
I miss comfort her
I miss drying her tears
I miss telling her that I love her and I miss hearing her telling me that she loves me back
I miss her hand in mine
I miss her breath next to my mouth
I miss what we had
I miss love
I miss every single part of her
And every single part of me.

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